Leaving Mundania, Lizzie Stark

A non-fiction book that’s mainly about larp in the US, but that contains a few chapters on Nordic Knutpunkt style larp as well. Read more about the book here.

Published in 2012.

Note: I write “Nordic Knutpunkt style larp” for a reason. I’m not a fan of using the term “nordic larp” to describe artsy avant-garde games as opposed to fantasy games. Apart from how confusing this descriptor is for people who play non avant-galeaving-mundaniarde games from Nordic countries, there’s actually an even better reason to avoid it: A lot of the things that are pinpointed as specific for the Nordic style are just as prevalent in classic fantasy games from the Nordic countries as they are in avant-garde black box games.

I’m all for describing a game like Mad About the Boy as nordic larp – it’s saying that Krigshjärta and other “mainstream fantasy” campaigns aren’t that’s nonsense. This point should actually become quite clear to Nordic readers of Leaving Mundania, as the book does a great job of describing how North American mainstream larping is done. The short version: It’s not like nordic mainstream larp. At all.

About Teresa

I live in Västerås, Sweden where I work as a game designer and educator at LajvVerkstaden, a company that makes educational larps.
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