The Threefold Model FAQ, John Kim

This is actually a model for tabletop roleplaying and not for larp, but it (and bastard versions of it) has been very influential on the language discussing nordic larp – among other things, the term “gamist” originated here. There is a “to-nordic-larp-adaptation” of the model in As Larp Grows Up, but I would recommend going straight to the source material.

Published on the web in 1998, available online here.

Further reading: A critique of the model from a tabletop perspective, written in 2003.


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I live in Västerås, Sweden where I work as a game designer and educator at LajvVerkstaden, a company that makes educational larps.
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2 Responses to The Threefold Model FAQ, John Kim

  1. Aaron says:

    John writes “Revisitin The Threefold Method” in the Wyrd Con Companion Book 2012:
    where he updates and explains a lot that has happened since the original publication.

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